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Giải pháp quản lý bộ định tuyến và gateway từ xa của Advantech, nền tảng giám sát và theo dõi

  • Hỗ trợ Multi-Tenancy
  • Cấu hình thiết bị, chẩn đoán & nền tảng quản lý
  • Trích lập dự phòng không chạm
  • Bộ định tuyến di động với tính năng giám sát và quản lý từ xa
The router bridges your office with your field site where no Ethernet infrastructure is available. It easily connects your remote devices via a 3G/LTE network and updates the historical network status for remote diagnostics purposes.  The zero-touch router deployment system saves users time and resources immediately after router installation. When a new, unconfigured router is installed and powered on, it can automatically download the initial configuration and application code from a central server. This means that new units can be installed by electrical contractors who have no specialist knowledge. Thus, it can be installed at any time without specialist engineers. The system allows users to remotely monitor and manage routers from any location. Simultaneous upgrades and configuration changes can also be applied remotely to individual routers or groups of routers. In fact, all routers on a network can be upgraded or reconfigured at the same time. To manage network routers systematically, the single-instance installation allows users to provide separate tenant accounts for device provisioning.

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  • Part Number
  • Details
  • Operating Temperature


  • Operating Temperature

    ESRP-CMS-SR304 -40~75 °C (-40~167 °F)

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