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Nvidia GPU cards

Nvidia GPU cards cho phép processor card và graphical card sẵn sàng cho các ứng dụng AI/VR của bạn. Nvidia không chỉ hỗ trợ GPU card phần cứng mà còn cho phép bạn tận dụng thư viện của họ để xây dựng chương trình của bạn.

Advantech MXM GPU cards are an industrial-grade, compact, embedded GPU solution giving high-performance, yet low-power with long-life cycle support. Built on the latest NVIDIA Ampere and Turing architectures, Advantech MXM GPUs deliver the latest RTX technology from NVIDIA and support GDDR6 graphics memory for graphics and intensive-compute tasks. Advantech MXM GPU features real-time ray tracing, accelerated AI, advanced graphics, and high-performance computing capabilities, which are perfect for rendering, virtual workstations, simulation, data science, computing, and XR applications.

PCIe GPU and MXM GPU Comparison
Quadro MXM GPU Cards Quadro PCIe GPU Cards
Form Factor Mobile PCI Express Module PCI Express Graphics Cards
Size Smaller (Type A: 82 x 70 mm) Larger (168 x 69 mm)
Max Power Lower Higher
Thermal Solution Designed with your requirements, fits fan-based and fanless By NVIDIA, for fan-based systems
Operating Temp. 0°C to 55 °C (dependent on thermal solution) 0°C to 45 °C
Longevity 5+ years Various between 3 and 8 years
Features & Benefits Fits in compact/fanless IPCs for limited space applications
Highly customizable with easy integration advantages
Professional GPU for assured reliability
Rackmount/wallmounting flexibility
Plug-and-play for easy set up

Your Best Edge AI & GPU Solution Partner

NVIDIA Professional GPUs Offerings

Advantech- the World's No.1 IPC Provider

  • Certified as NVIDIA Elite Partner in Visualization, Embedded Edge, and Compute categories.
  • Industrial GPU Solutions with a wide range of GPU cards and AI Jetson™ Platforms.
  • Full range of edge computing systems with diverse form factors, qualified and certified by NVIDIA.
  • Configure-to-Order Services (CTOS) and Design-to-Order Services (DTOS) with powerful one-stop solutions.

Industrial GPU Solutions Resource

Selection Guide

Sales Kits & Success Cases

Selection Guide

Advantech, as NVIDIA Elite Partners,Your Trusted AI Solution Provider

Customization and Easy Integration for Diverse Industrial Applications

AI inspection and machine automation in smart manufacturing and warehousing.

Real time detection and surveillance for transportation management.

Medical image reconstruction and video analytics, for surgical robots and surgeons.

NVIDIA Certified Embedded MXM GPU Cards

Product Categories

  • Nvidia Tesla GPU cards

    Điện toán tăng tốc bởi GPU (GPU-accelerated computing) là việc sử dụng một đơn vị xử lý đồ họa (GPU) cùng với CPU để tăng tốc các ứng dụng học tập, phân tích và kỹ thuât.

  • Nvidia Quadro GPU cards

    Mạnh mẽ, trực quan hiệu quả. Các chuyên gia đều tin tưởng vào Nvidia Quadro GPU cards để cung cấp trải nghiệm tốt nhất có thể với các giải pháp cho Viễn thông, Y tế, Hình ảnh khoa học, Sòng bạc và Giám sát.

  • NVIDIA MXM GPU cards

    MXM like NVIDIA GPU cards for Embedded Systems, perfect fit in the space-limited system with excellent computing power.

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